Friday, December 30, 2016

Wisconsin burns while Walker runs to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba for Photo Op.

It never ceases to amaze me how so many of the Walker administrations failures are silently tolerated by his normally very vocal anti-government supporters. It's like, we won, quite your bellyaching, nothing to see here." So is government good, even when it's bad, under Scott Walker? That would be yes.

Just What is Walker's Job? Walker has completely failed to manage and improve the states biggest responsibilities; transportation, prisons, environment and veterans care.

Maybe I should use the Republican phony outrage ploy; "What is Scott Walker thinking, going to Packer games when the VA and juvenile prison system continues to abuse and destroy lives...

The Photo Op Governor: I've called Walker the "incidental governor" for a reason; he keeps his distance from having any actual responsibility. He's always putting other people in the line of fire, and when disaster does strike carrying out his failed agenda, Walker is surprised too, pretending to not have an opinion one way or another.

So it is with the Lincoln Hills juvenile prison debacle. Walker hasn't even been curious enough to personally visit the facility. And now that former state senator Tim Cullen, a potential candidate for governor, has joined the chorus criticizing Walker for his absence, Walker trashed him in the interview below with Capitol City Sunday's Greg Neumann. Remember; Walker, a Republican, is supposedly better than his Democratic predecessor Jim Doyle, who he still blames for the Great Recession:
Neumann: "Should you visit Lincoln Hills...(Tim Cullen) he's criticized you about that, why haven't you been there?" 

Walker: "That's a ridiculous argument. I mean, did anybody ask Jim Doyle...I mean, problems like this occurred when Tommy Thompson...was governor...I think that's just a political cheap shot. Uh, because governors don't go to prisons. That's just not what they should typically do. I haven't gone to any prisons..."

Neumann: "This isn't just 'any prison''re not just going to a prison to visit a prison if you would go there...whether or not you'd want to or not..."

Walker: "The only reason we're talking about it is because somebody who may want to run for office is saying that maybe in his day and age, going up for a photo opportunity is the way to deal with the problem. I think the way to deal with the problem is to put a quality person in charge who corrects those problems going forward. That's the difference between leadership and standing for pictures."

Greg Neumann: "How do you respond to that?"

Tim Cullen: "I think that said more about him than me. Maybe that's why he goes places, for photo ops..the prisons are a property of Wisconsin, the responsibility of the governor. Governor Thompson went there all the time, and I went there with him...governors don't get to go where it's just fun to go, governors have to go where there are problems in the state."   
Ironically, not a week later, Scott Walker spent taxpayer money on a fun photo op to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to say thank you to the troops. You can't make this stuff up:

Cullen's most important point about what Walker is missing included this:
"You learn by talking to the warden, you learn by talking to the guards, and in fact, Tommy loved this, you learn by talking to the prisoners. And what you learn is, first of all, what they tell you, and then sometimes, you listen for silence, what did you expect them to talk but don't say a word about it, what you heard might be a problem. You just come out of there smarter and more knowledgeable about that institution..." 


  1. Wonder if those troops know about the coverup at the King veterans home, and the millions that Walker's Admin has taken away from the homes in order to plug budget holes?

    Completely disgusting behavior, but telling that Gov "Unintimidated" runs away instead of dealing with that and the budget messes that seem to get worse by the day.

    Jake formerly of the LP


  2. You ignore the elephant in the room. Why in the world did the Wisconsin Army National Guard send MPs to the US gulag/torture center known as a global symbol of the worst America has to offer?

    Closing Gitmo would help heal the wound that the war on terror inflicted on the country’s deepest identity— as a nation of justice for all. Now Wisconsin is helping keep it open. Walker's photo-op should be bringing the troops home.

    The Nobel peace laureate Jimmy Carter has not tired of voicing his concern over the scandal of Guantanamo "because this is a violation of the basic character of my country." It should disturb the conscience of all Americans, and especially all Wisconsinites, because grave crimes are being committed in the name of the United States. As an American I too protest and say: not in my name.

  3. Your right, I should have mentioned Obama's attempts to close Gitmo.