Friday, December 9, 2016

Trump Carrier Deal ushers in Robots, replacing workers...hell of a job!

So, Trump's use of hard working taxpayer money to pay off Carrier to stay in Indiana will now be used to automate the plant replacing workers with robots.

Trump's a real hero:
As part of the deal President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence struck with Carrier, the company has promised to make a $16 million investment in its Indianapolis facility — an investment management plans to use on developing technology that will allow them to replace human workers with robots.

The company’s plans were confirmed by Greg Hayes, CEO of United Technologies, Carrier’s corporate parent, during a CNBC interview earlier this week.

“We’re going to… automate to drive the cost down so that we can continue to be competitive,” Hayes said. “Is it as cheap as moving to Mexico with lower cost labor? No. But we will make that plant competitive just because we’ll make the capital investments there. But what that ultimately means is there will be fewer jobs.”

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  1. You're such a PISS ANT MALCONTENT. IF HRC WERE PRES. ELEC. CARRIER WIULD HAVE LOST ALL TGE JOBS. Where were you when they give a billion dollars to solyndra when they knew it was going under you're such a fucking hypocrite ass hole