Thursday, December 1, 2016

Walker's record on Veterans Deplorable, but still gets their vote.

The military voted 2 to 1 for Trump. Odder still is the support Trump and Republicans get from veterans, despite Trump's consideration of a guy who’s trying to abolish the VA. And don't forget Scott Walker’s deplorable history of screwing veterans. It’s mind boggling.

As County Executive, Scott Walker created “Operation Freedom,” to exploit veterans so fellow Republicans/media talk show hosts could speak and look patriotic. Anti-war veterans were not invited. In a shocking revelation by County Board member John Weishan, it got so bad vendors were being shaken down during Walker's 2006 bid for governor. That led to this...
Tim Russell, a longtime Walker campaign and county staffer, was charged with two felonies and one misdemeanor count of embezzlement … tied to Operation Freedom, an annual military appreciation day held at the zoo. Kevin Kavanaugh, Walker's appointee to the Milwaukee County Veteran Service Commission, was charged with five felonies for theft and fraudulent writings by a corporate officer. He was the treasurer of the Milwaukee Purple Heart chapter at the time of the dispute over the (missing) $11,000 for Operation Freedom.
Veteran support of Republicans continued, even after Walker (like George W. Bush) decided not to promote veteran services to save money.  
More than 25 current and former King employees, residents and family members say residents are not receiving adequate care at King, even as the state brings in millions more each year, transferring the surplus money elsewhere.
And Walker continues to mismanaged the state VA, with this unexplained rehire:
Nearly two years after John Scocos, a Republican and U.S. Army Reserve colonel was fired as state veterans secretary, Gov. Scott Walker has reappointed him to his old job.
Yes, Scocos was fired, but Walker didn’t care about that, or how his record:
Scocos took an organization that performed admirably under his predecessor, Secretary Ray Boland, and planted the seeds of dysfunction and acrimony. He demonstrated no ability to administer, manage or lead.  DAV received reports that he did not coordinate the activities of his department managers in a positive manner, but instead his poor management style pitted them against one another. Scocos wasted valuable time attacking perceived enemies.  Some DAV officials, when making suggestions to better the lives of veterans, felt his wrath instead of his gratitude.
Outrageous stories about substandard VA care and neglected veterans homes isn't enough to change the minds of military families and veterans who love Walker the Republican politicians using them. 
According to one vet, “someone in the audience asked Scocos who talked to a reporter about concerns at King, he said the agency would “eventually find out who did it. They are going to find excuses and innocent people are going to get hurt or fired.” Secretary John Scocos, announced his resignation earlier this month.

(July 12, 2016) Wisconsin continues partnership with Veterans Assistance Foundation, ranked one of worst in nation (Oct 26, 2016) The federal VA Medical Center in Tomah has terminated its lease agreement with the nonprofit that runs a homeless shelter there after a veteran was found dead in one of its dorms.

State human resources manager files federal discrimination complaint against Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs she was potentially discriminated against because of her Native American race, her gender, her age and her efforts to oppose alleged discrimination at the agency against others. She said she was told by a manager that the candidate who got the job “because he was a veteran and expressed in the job interview that he had a ‘passion for veterans.’" She had received a work review in April saying she “exceeds expectations” in both the HR director and manager roles.

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  1. The republican party is amazing! Every election they are able to get a great many wage earning Americans to admit just how stupid and gullible they are!