Thursday, December 22, 2016

Veterans Home in King quality Rating Drops Again, thank you Scott Walker.

Remember my look at Scott Walker's miserable record on veterans in a Dec. 1st blog post:
The military voted 2 to 1 for Trump. Odder still is the support Trump and Republicans get from veterans ... And don't forget Scott Walker’s deplorable history of screwing veterans. It’s mind boggling.
 The list of horror stories is a long one, as you can see here.

As I was clearing out a whole bunch of unedited video clips, I ran across this story from WKOW, November 29 on the veterans home in King, Wisconsin:

Now, apparently again, King received another downgrade. But don't worry, this is all just a political hit job, according to the once fired Veterans Secretary John Scocos:
WSJ: Federal quality ratings of the Wisconsin Veterans Home at King and the Veterans Home at Union Grove have dropped again, prompting one Republican state lawmaker to call for the veterans agency to “totally clean house.” 

The ratings changes come after annual inspections and complaint investigations were conducted there in September. The agency uses a five-star ratings system to score nursing homes and rank health care, staffing and quality of life for its residents. 

Olson Hall, one of four nursing home halls on King's campus, is now rated two stars out of five overall … MacArthur Hall, also on King's campus, was previously given five stars both overall and for its health care ratings, dropped to four stars in both categories; residents being given the wrong medication, incorrect dosages or never receiving needed medicine … Boland Hall, the residence hall at the Wisconsin Veterans Home at Union Grove, dropped from four stars to three stars in its overall rating, and from three stars to two stars for a "below average" rating for health quality.  
As I mentioned, Sec. Scocose denies everything, as is typical in our now "post-fact" world. First a little Scocos history:
Nearly two years after John Scocos, a Republican and U.S. Army Reserve colonel was

fired as state veterans secretary, Gov. Scott Walker has reappointed him to his old job.
He demonstrated no ability to administer, manage or lead. DAV received reports that he did not coordinate the activities of his department managers in a positive manner, but instead his poor management style pitted them against one another. Scocos wasted valuable time attacking perceived enemies. Some DAV officials, when making suggestions to better the lives of veterans, felt his wrath instead of his gratitude.

Nothing to see here, in our Post-Fact World: Today's news isn't good. But who are you going to believe....
WDVA Sec. John Scocos, who announced his resignation last month, has dismissed concerns about the home's quality and staffing levels. He has said that news reports about issues there are politically motivated and inaccurate. 

Scocos has maintained that the home offers the highest quality of care available for the state's aging and sick veterans. 
"We are still the very best in the country ... we are pretty solid on what we believe is the care for our veterans.”
Nothing to see here, in our Post-Fact World Part 2: Walker's failure...isn't a failure at all: 
Gov. Scott Walker and the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs, which operates the nursing homes, have consistently touted the King home's CMS ratings, which have historically been above average. Walker spokesman Tom Evenson said in an email.
"Governor Walker's top concern is the care of our veterans. The governor has made significant investments to help the department improve staffing and operations of the homes," 

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