Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Trump likes Paul Ryan, like a "fine wine!" They both have something in common.

Oh boy, that was not a reference Paul Ryan wanted anyone to bring up.

I'm talking about Trump's "fine wine" compliment to Ryan at last nights grotesque "In-Your-Face-We Won" Trump US tour at State Fair Park. The boos didn't help...:

"He's like a fine wine." Or did he mean to say "he likes fine wine?" Either way, Ryan's penchant for fine wine got came rushing back to me...

Racine: Congressman Paul Ryan, the author of a plan to gut Medicaid and Medicare
which passed the U.S. House of Representatives, was caught at stylish Washington restaurant sipping two $350 bottles of wine with a hedge fund manager.

“The symbolism of Paul Ryan sipping outlandishly expensive wine at fancy Washingtonbistro is in many ways more powerful than all the devastating statistics about his planto destroy Medicaid and Medicare as we know them,” said Robert Kraig, ExecutiveDirector of Citizen Action of Wisconsin. “Ryan’s plan shifts precious public resourcesneeded to make good on our national commitment to fund Medicaid and Medicare to thevery people who can already afford to drink grossly overpriced wine—the wealthy andhealth insurance industry CEOs.”

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