Monday, December 19, 2016

Trump: Violating the Constitution on Day One with thunderous applause!

Trump's conflicts of interest are unquestionably unconstitutional. For a party that whined incessantly about emperor Obama and his unconstitutional grab for power, it's hard to comprehend the magnitude of the hypocrisy here.   

For all those fire-breathing Republican pocket constitutionalists, ah, wake up, or do the ends justify the means? On second thought, after watching a few of the Trumpian "we won" events, it's silly to even ask that question. Loved this short clip:

While the mainstream media's lack of concern over an unconstitutional Trump presidency is shocking, we here in the blogosphere won't stop screaming bloody murder.

The Brookings Institution's detailed Governance Study lays it all out here (click link). Here's what they concluded:
Conclusion: The Emoluments Clause, until recently not much discussed because its constraints have been taken for granted, constitutes a clear barrier to the intermingling of business and governmental interests that Donald J. Trump proposes to build into his conduct of the Presidency. That is a conclusion without partisan or ideological inflection; it would apply with equal force to any person or party occupying this position of public trust. It is plain that a President Trump would be subject to removal from office for the intentional abuse of power that this manifestly unconstitutional intermingling of private and public concerns would entail. 

When this guillotine might fall is a matter of political more than legal calculation, and is thus beyond the scope of our analysis. Likewise, just how the ongoing prospect of such an ignominious end to a Trump presidency would embolden his political adversaries at home and abroad, and undermine his legitimacy in the eyes of the American public and global community, is impossible to predict. So too, we cannot anticipate how the omnipresent prospect of such a disgraceful end would distort the dynamics of a President Trump’s ability to serve the domestic and national security interests of the nation. 

But that this looming constitutional shadow over his time in office would grievously disserve the people of the United States is beyond doubt.

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