Friday, December 23, 2016

Trump Smash!!!

Trump isn't just the most dishonest presidential candidate ever... 

...he's also the laziest guy to move into the White House. He apparently has no curiosity about why "tradition" requires presidents to follow a certain grown-up rules that may not be written into law yet, but should be soon. Under the guise of shaking things up, Trump is getting away with setting up an entirely different kind of presidency because he doesn't want to learn the rules. Politico:  

President-elect Donald Trump has said…
1. He might do away with regular press briefings

2. The daily intelligence reports.

3. He wants to retain private security while receiving secret service protection.

4. He is encouraging members of his family to take on formal roles in his administration, testing the limits of anti-nepotism statutes.

5. He is pushing the limits of ethics laws in trying to keep a stake in his business.

6. Trump will take the oath of office having never released his tax returns.

7. He has not given a press conference since he was elected.

8. It remains to be seen whether he will file a personal financial disclosure during his first year in office. Presidents are not legally required to do so, but all have since 1978.
 “If it’s not written down, you can get away with it. That’s the new premise. And that’s pretty staggering,” said Trump biographer Gwenda Blair, author of “The Trumps: Three Generations that Built an Empire.” In the process of writing his own rules, he is shining a light on how much of the American political system is encoded in custom, and how little is based in the law.

Supporters, however, see blowing up tradition as Trump’s greatest strength.

“Trump does not reflect anything you’ve ever learned about traditional governmental leadership,” Gingrich said in an interview. “He’s an American pragmatist. I think on balance, we need a breath of fresh air, even if it involves some risk.”

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