Thursday, December 8, 2016

Republicans hide "insurance companies" in repeal/replace ObamaCare scheme, call it "patient centered" solution.

Are Republicans eliminating insurance companies from being a part of our “health care” system?

The fact is, you won’t hear Republicans ever mention insurance companies in their reform efforts. Sure they’re going to turn our health care system completely over to private insurers, but you’d never know it. What's so "patient centered" about insurance companies telling you who you can see in their networks, what they'll treat or won't, and how much you'll have to pay before they pay dime one? 

Check out these recent comments from Republican Sen. John Thune, highlighted below. But first, Republicans hope to save us from the affordable health care we all so desperately need:
Sen. John Thune, the chair of the Senate Republican Conference, explained; "And what we intend to do by repealing Obamacare is to start to repair the damage that's been done to families and businesses as a result of its enactment” … Republicans want the states rather than the federal government "to have more control" over the health care issues that affect people.
See if you can spot any mention of insurers. Note: Another promise of "more affordable" insurance (in red below) which is absolute nonsense:
"Second, there ought to be more patients and doctors who are in control. Third, that there ought to be a patient-centered choice involved in this. In other words, more competition that gives -- gives people in this country more choices" … a way that moves us in a better direction and gives people in this country more choices, more competition and more access to health care at a more affordable cost." 

"But debating individual things, reaching a consensus, reaching across the aisle for that consensus to develop so that once again we're focusing on families and doctor-patient relationships, provider-patient relationships." 

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