Saturday, July 16, 2016

Wisconsin leading Authoritarian Anti-American Movement, with "Center for Competitive Federalism"

Republicans hate America!!! You know the routine: Blah, blah, blah, nothing is working, and everything is getting worse. Yet they always get away with ripping the nation a new one. Remember this phony Republican moment of outrage:

But Trump:

Because America isn't great, right? With something so intentional, and a campaign slogan too boot, you'd think he would be roundly criticized...but that's the magic of Trump.

Next Step - Statist "Center for Competitive Federalism:" Secession is out, so what comes close? Something called "Competitive Federalism," another whiny tantrum from arrogant and entitled freeloading conservatives too cheap to pay forward, like previous generations did building roads, schools and infrastructure.

As "small government" regulations pile up from overzealous Republican legislators hoping to legally block Wisconsinites from getting in the way of business, supply side blunders are pushing more people into many of our social safety nets, the same programs targeted for elimination. Scott Walker calls it a "hand up" and not a hand out.

With nasally arrogance, founder of CCF Rick Esenberg serves up word salad nonanswers he thinks people will never understand or care to dissect. Wrong.

On WPR's Central Time, Esenberg's ego spilled out for everyone to hear, suggesting life long Wisconsinites should just "vote with their feet" and leave the dairy state if we didn't like the policies. Seriously?
Esenberg: "There would be certain things the states could not do. But, in that the states themselves would be disciplined not only by their own Constitutions, but by the ability of the persons who live within them, to vote with their feet, and go someplace else if they didn't like the policies their particular state was adopting." 

Esenberg is another "why can't Wisconsin be like Texas" Republicans. Since I grew up in the state, I never felt it needed saving or a face lift. Not Esenberg:
Wisconsin should look to Texas … However, as a purple state, Wisconsin's path towards a more independent and robust statehood might require different strategies … like creating a commission on competitiveness to identify regulatory reform, reviewing all federal funding requests and prohibiting state regulatory agencies from working with federal regulators if certain programs are deemed coercive.

Additionally, expanding Walker’s Blueprint for Prosperity initiative, eliminating the "over-criminalization of commercial activity."
Esenberg piles on the bullshit saying even Democrats will jump on board:  
The report concluded that the Midwest is becoming the birthplace of a new conservatism that can appeal to people of all political persuasions, including Democrats, by eliminating the one-size-fits-all solutions imposed by the federal government.  "(A system) in which the states would function as laboratories of democracy, which they would be able to engage in trial and error with respect to policy."

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