Sunday, July 3, 2016

Walker loses big against Devil's Advocates Host, but media spin follows...

Wisconsin State Journal Reporter Molly Beck may need to take a continuing ed class on journalism. 

Two big mistakes in the following story that distorts and minimizes the impact of what it means to stand up to a repressive government like Scott Walker’s, and protect the 1st Amendment. 

First, she set out to anger readers by making them resent Devil's Advocates radio host Dominic Salvia's big win for a citizens 1st Amendment rights, by writing “taxpayers” will end up paying for Walker’s unconstitutional law arresting protesters at the Capitol:
Taxpayers will pay a local radio show host $75,000 to settle a lawsuit he filed against Gov. Scott Walker’s administration after being arrested in 2013 while covering the arrests of protesters at the state Capitol.
Second, nowhere in the story did Beck mention that “radio host” Dominic Salvia is a libertarian who voted for Scott Walker in the recall, leaving the impression he was a nasty unpatriotic terrorist “liberal:”
Dominic Salvia, co-host of the liberal talk show Devil’s Advocates Radio Show on The Mic 92.1 FM…
Beck was joined by Upfront's Mike Gousha (bottom video), and WTMJ’s conservative authoritarian host Jeff Wagner, who did everything he could to make it seem like another long haired 60’s throwback and Madison liberal misbehaved again, disrupting the peace and tranquility of the state Capitol. Scott Walker and Republican lawmakers had nothing to do with it of course ramming Act 10 down everyone's throat. At least Liberal America spent the time to investigate and got it right:
The man they arrested was Dominic Salvia, the conservative voice on the popular Devil’s Advocates Radio Show. This guy spent years defending Republican Governor Scott Walker to a progressive audience. Mr. Walker best not count on that defense anymore.
Here’s the full surreal rant from Wagner, that makes it perfectly clear the 1st Amendment right to protest ones government is passé, and such bad behavior will no longer be tolerated. You'll notice he received no calls, or at least didn't include them in the online audio clip. A fine example of repressive one party right wing authoritarianism:

Unsettling attack on Judges...that don't follow the one-party dogma. It should be noted those same supposed liberal "Madison" judges, have decided in Walker's favor as well. Blaming judges without having a good reason to do so is meant to denigrate the whole judicial branch of government. Real American like, huh?

In this amazing video clip of Dominic Salvia's arrest as a reporter, with crystal clear audio, you can see for yourself that from the very beginning, the polite questions Salvia asked about why he was being arrest were completely ignored:

This was decided in a federal court, away from the predictable State Supreme Courts support of Walker's agenda, and the likely decision Salvia faced there.

Here's Devil's Dom and Crute on Upfront with Mike Gousha:

Here's Dom's interview with Bill Press:

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