Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Dumb Ron Johnson: "freedom and limited government” = letting businesses deny insurance to employees with Cancer!!!

I thought Republicans were cruel when 1. they tried to maximize insurance company profits off of sick people by dumping them into the free market; 2. put susceptible seniors at the mercy of insurer tricks and scams; and 3. blocked all kinds of health care treatments based on someone else's "conscience," not to mention repealing ObamaCare.

They were bound to step over that line someday, but who would they get to take that leap?

Enter Dumb Ron Johnson. He values business over "we the people," the very voters he's supposed to represent, protect, and be the advocate for.

In making his argument, Johnson quickly eliminated the more liberal sounding "life" and "pursuit of happiness" points that would negate any Declaration of Independence promise:
SCOTT KEYES: I know Richard Murdock had said even though businesses should give people, for instance, with cancer, health coverage, they shouldn’t be legally required by the federal government.
JOHNSON: They shouldn’t. Listen, our rights are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And when we start expanding beyond that realm, when you create a right for somebody, you create an obligation for somebody else, and then you’re taking away that person’s right. And that maybe doesn’t seem all that great, but it’s just true. Our nation was based on the foundation of freedom and limited government.
Just the idea that a person would be allowed to die just to save a business money and promote the tea party cartoon version of "freedom and limited government" is so...grotesque:

Here's one trolls reaction to my "incoherent" common sense humane point. He not surprisingly supports employers refusing health care coverage for anyone with a preexisting condition. Of course, he will never need health care...another ER freeloader.

I wonder too, what right is Johnson talking about, I didn't see it there in the Constitution. A better example: When someones religious belief interferes with my own rights and freedoms...oh, that different?

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  1. Ron Johnson's life and personality are based on limited intelligence, very limited.