Friday, July 15, 2016

The Trump/Pence oh-no Logo.

The Trump/Pence campaign logo hit the fan with some amazing commentary from Twitter today.

If it looks familiar...seriously, has the monolithic Republican Party done anything original...ever?

After Scott Walker pummeled his Democratic gubernatorial challenger for supposed plagiarism, he ironically and blatantly committed plagiarism himself lifting America's Best's logo:

Marching in lockstep from one plagiarized idea to another, the Borg-like Republican "idea" machine put this Walker ripoff out, desecrating the flag all over again:

Getting back to the Twitter reaction, it was pretty obvious what the usually bumbling knuckleheads at Trump headquarters did to inadvertently stay in the spotlight:

Someone got artistically creative:

Is the Trump campaign still spending too much time scouring the white supremacist sites?

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