Thursday, July 14, 2016

Ryan's Desperate Support of Trump is just the beginning.

So where do I start? Paul Ryan has finally been exposed at the "wonky" poser many of us have been writing about for years. His annual repackaged "roads to prosperity" list is just the same old failed supply side mumbo-jumbo deep red states like Louisianna, Kansas, Oklahoma, Kentucky and Indiana have been convulsing from for the last few years.

Add Wisconsin to that list. Following that same formula, Scott Walker's Wisconsin avoided the other states huge deficits by doing what they couldn't do; stop funding state parks; slash funding for their state university system; stop construction and road maintenance while letting 5 foot high overgrowth consume our get the idea.

Let's start with Paul Ryan's rationalization for supporting his party's racist, bigoted authoritarian candidate for president. The following concerned student has all the values and moral judgement Ryan threw out door long ago. He simply can't understand how Ryan could support a guy like this...uh, tax cuts and special interest money kid. Liberal leaning naive students like this maybe shouldn't be allowed to vote yet:

“I cannot and will not support Trump,” one audience member at Tuesday’s CNN Town Hall event said. “It concerns me when the Republican leadership is supporting somebody who’s blatantly racist and has said Islamophobic statements, want to shut down our borders. How can you morally justify your support for this kind of candidate, somebody who could be very destructive?”

Ryan first scolded the young man, a Republican student named Zachary Marcone.

“You’re going to help elect Hillary Clinton,” he said.

Ryan's answer clear; he'll do anything to get a few tax cuts and kill Obamacare.
Ryan also states unequivocally justices who aren't like Scalia won't be faithful to the Constitution, backing his party's partisan block of Obama's not so conservative justice nominee. I think Dumb Ron Johnson said it best:

“America needs Supreme Court justices who share Justice Scalia’s commitment to applying the Constitution as written and to the freedom it secures.”

Hypocritically, Ryan sees no irony in blocking Obama's pick so a possible Republican president would nominate an activist conservative "impartial" justice. That would shore up for decades a Republican dominated the court.

But even conservatives are tired of this condescending jerk. Lou Dobbs doesn't hold back in the following commentary, hitting all of Ryan's the low points. He even gives a little airtime to Ryan's opponent, Paul Nehlen, backed by Tea Party Forward:

Remember, these are his fellow conservatives taking politically damaging shots at wonder boy. Like the fact Ryan keeps playing the race card...yea:

Cognitive Dissidence had a nice feature article on Ryan as well. The Journal Sentinel's Dan Bice wrote about ousting Ryan too.

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