Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Kansas Republicans protect vote by rejecting nearly 50,000 voters for state electoral offices.

Republicans can try desperately to make their case they're only trying to protect the integrity of elections and that "one fraudulent vote is one too many," but that all flies out the window with this startling action and admission that they are the party of suppression, no matter how you deny it.

Not real American like is it, in a representative democracy?

County election officials will count their votes for president, U.S. Senate and Congress but not their votes in state and local races or local ballot questions.
What could be wrong with that? That's not all, Kansas Republicans can pretty much game the political system in any way they want with this rather broad law:
Kansas law allows the regulations board to approve a temporary rule without a formal public hearing if an agency sees quick action as necessary to preserve “the public peace, health, safety or welfare.”
This is what happens when the Constitution leaves our right to vote up to the states.
About 17,000 people were in that category as of last week, but as many as 50,000 prospective voters could be affected in the November election.

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  1. Sounds like a federal civil rights lawsuit to me. And how can you count votes for federal offices and not state or local offices without compromising the integrity of the secret ballot.

    It's well past time for election oversight to be federalized. Good work on finding this story

    Jake formerly of the LP