Friday, August 21, 2015

Walker on the Black Lives Matter movement: "Who knows who that is?"

Since when does a career politician have time to spend on solving the nations race relation problems?

Remember, just talking about police shootings and the mounting number of black victims will only make things worse:
"One, I think in general if anyone focuses on racial discord we’re going to get more. If we focus on unity we’re going to get more of that. The families of the massacre in Charleston showed us the way. I think it’s a prime example if we focus on things that unite us, ways to share the American dream." 
Even after all the press and interrupting a Bernie Sanders event, Walker never heard of the Black Lives Matter movement:
CNN: Gov. Scott Walker stumbled through a question Friday about whether he would meet with representatives of the Black Lives Matter movement.

"I meet with voters. Who knows who that is," Walker said, apparently referring to Black Lives Matter activists. "I'm going to talk to American voters, period."

"It's the same way as saying we meet with the tea party. Who is the tea party? There's hundreds of thousands of people ... It's a ridiculous question. I'm going to talk to voters. This is a ridiculous question."
These are the kinds of disjointed answers Walker is known to give when presented with something he hasn't already rehearsed for weeks. The comments section offered up these insights:
1. It's "rudiculous" to expect Walker to answer intelligently.

2. oh no, someone asked him questions he was not prepared to answer. Didn't have that one in the script. He gave a totally off the wall answer - I'd call it more than stumbling. Followed up by the tea party reference?? incoherent. Bet he was received real well. No wonder he is dropping in the polls.

3. should be; walker stated " I meet with campaign donors"

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