Thursday, August 6, 2015

Dumb Ron Johnson Trashes Senate Ethics Code by Trashing Opponents on his Official Government Website.

It looks like Dumb Ron Johnson is not an ethical guy. Of course we always knew that, and that he wasn't very smart either, so showcasing his conspiratorial rants on his official Senate website only confirms all that. 

Now Johnson might be...nope, scratch that, should be in trouble:
Blog posts on Sen. Ron Johnson's official Senate website, including one that a watchdog group complains violated ethics rules, have mysteriously been taken down. Johnson violated the Senate Ethics Manual’s Internet policy, which says senators and staff members cannot use Senate Internet “for personal, promotional, commercial, or partisan political purposes.”
And that's what he did, as the Huffington Post article pointed out below:
One of three blog posts that have disappeared recently was Johnson’s response to a Huffington Post story about him arguing that “The Lego Movie” is part of an “insidious” anti-capitalism propaganda campaign. Johnson's post calls out HuffPost’s Ryan Grim, or “some liberal writer at The Huffington Post,” saying he “can’t seem to figure out why I or anyone else would say this about ‘The Lego Movie,’ and he insinuates some kind of conspiracy. The strange thing isn’t that a kids’ movie was anti-business, it is that someone claiming to be a journalist never encountered the idea before.”
Funny thing, my 16 year old son quickly pointed out how Lego is the ultimate capitalist; stores everywhere, movies, TV shows, overpriced products, and early indoctrination in their robot building Lego League competitions. You get the idea.

But Dummy wasn't done breaking the Senates ethics code yet:
A different blog post ... arguing that “Senator Johnson blatantly used his Senate website to attack a political opponent” when his staff responded to a fact-check article by PolitiFact Wisconsin. Former Wisconsin Sen. Russ Feingold (D) (said) that Johnson is “opposed to all government-assisted student loans.” The organization rated Feingold’s statement as “mostly true,” citing numerous interviews and news reports in which Johnson takes a firm stance....

The complaint alleges that much of Johnson's blog post responding to the article was directly aimed at Feingold ... Johnson’s Democratic opponent in 2016 ... “Had Senator Feingold said that Senator Johnson has consistently pointed out that Washington policy on college assistance has serious negative unintended consequences, then he would have been right,” reads the deleted post.
I wish PolitiFact had been more precise, because as we all know, Republican defunding at the state level raised tuition, not access to student loans. 

But the vilification and marginalization of Democratic liberal thinking by our right wing authoritarian dictators knows no bounds:
PolitiFact ... “seems to have a hard time being honest about what words mean.” It tries to tie PolitiFact to Feingold, concluding that it "apparently sees the world in exactly the way a left-wing Democrat who spent 18 years in Washington would.”
Remember, you don't want to question authority in our one party system of government.
The third post that has been removed also took aim at a PolitiFact report, this one on Johnson claiming that Feingold was “the deciding vote” when the Senate approved the Affordable Care Act in 2010. PolitiFact deemed Johnson's assertion “mostly false.” Johnson’s post mocked PolitiFact’s fact-checking and rating system by giving his own “ruling” on the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, which runs PolitiFact Wisconsin.

An archived version of Johnson’s blog shows that the posts were removed sometime within the last month.

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