Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Big surprise? "Unintimidated" Walker screens tougher Health Care questions out at press conference!

Scott Walker is a control freak of the first order. "Stand with Walker" supporters can no longer pretend poor Scott Walker is an attack victim of the left wing media, or that he's not at fault for hiring scumbag aides who thought nothing of breaking state laws.

Walker's experience as a career politician means that as a presidential candidate, he's going to be even more secretive about his real motivations. I'd like to welcome the national media to the Scott Walker we've become so familiar with in Wisconsin. Politico:
The Scott Walker campaign is quickly building a reputation as the most press-averse group in the Republican field. On Tuesday, Walker's policy team held a press call with reporters to discuss the Wisconsin governor's health care plan … But when reporters tried to submit a question, they were greeted by a press aide who demanded to know what question each reporter intended to ask.
"Was on Gov. Walker health plan press call. First time as a reporter I've ever had my questions pre-screened before I could ask them," Stephanie Armour, The Wall Street Journal's health care policy reporter, tweeted after the call.

"On Scott Walker's health care policy call, reporter questions are being screened," her colleague Reid Epstein wrote.
This is not the first time Walker and his team have exercised extreme caution when dealing with the press. In March, Walker made public appearances in Texas and South Carolina but closed the events to press and refused to take questions from the media. In April, while visiting Europe, he held no public events and took no questions from reporters. In May, while visiting Israel, he did the same. An aide told the Journal that Walker was going to "focus on educating himself about Israeli issues and won’t hold public events or take questions from reporters."
The article did mention this:
Walker has held his share of press interviews and media scrums.
But those press interviews don’t ask or pursue those dangerous follow-up questions politicians hate so much. The media never takes the time to drill deeper into Walker’s now infamous non-answers. It's encouraging to see the national press taking notice, including the Wall Street Journal.  

Like so many other times, the comments section is often needed to tell the whole story:
Paul Atkins: I live in Wisconsin. Walker never appears in uncontrolled places. His favorite media event takes place on a factory floor in a business owned by a financial supporter with poor unhappy looking workers in the background as props. He never takes questions. He travels with the largest security detail of any Wisconsin governor. He never gets off message. His book titled UNINTIMIDATED is the height of irony given he never was out in the public during the massive protests. He went underground via tunnels to avoid the inconvenience of meeting his constituents. He is a masterful politician, but a poor excuse for a human being. He is a snake.

Laffy: And yet, his groupies will give him a free pass while crying about Hillary "not taking questions from the press."


  1. He's not ready for prime time; both he and his staffers know it.

  2. So happy to see this nimrod start to crash and burn. The republican presidential field is a joke with scottie as the head jester.