Monday, August 10, 2015

Scott Walker rolls out grand One Party Vision, ignoring solutions for Racial and Economic Disparity.

I thought it was odd that those “big Washington special interests” Scott Walker is always talking about were only made up of unions, and not the multitude of GOP special interests, like big energy, big banks and big corporate special interests. And that's by design. Since business is the magical cure for what ails the country, Walker thinks focusing on real solutions will only make our problems worse.

For Walker and every other Republican, self worth is derived from serving an employer and being employed. But if you're at home taking care of a family, between jobs or even just working a minimum wage job, you're not included in Walker's grand plan. 

Walker's recent comment about racial tensions highlights his attitude about every problem tearing this nation apart:
"One, I think in general if anyone focuses on racial discord we’re going to get more."
So ignore the problem, don't bring it up, and it will disappear automatically under Walker's more positive message, which is to demand unity. Oddly, as I've point out in the video clip below, he must first unite us by carry out his master plan to divide and conquer us:

Huffington Post-Don't Focus On 'Racial Discord' Or You'll Only Create More: "If we focus on unity we’re going to get more of that. The families of the massacre in Charleston showed us the way. I think it’s a prime example if we focus on things that unite us, ways to share the American dream." 
Walker's determination to roll out his purely ideological vision, with no real world solutions, goes even further than his wacky GOP opponents and corporate billionaires:
Other presidential candidates -- Republican and Democrat -- have called for a broader conversation about systemic racism in the nation's justice system in the wake of high-profile shootings of unarmed black men across the country. Bipartisan calls for criminal justice reform have also grown in and out of Washington, with House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and the conservative billionaires David and Charles Koch joining in. 
Walker's vision of accountability and a government in the hands of hard working Americans, can only be attained through the benevolence of big business. But business now has the ability to force us live a "healthy lifestyle," make religious decisions in our personal lives, and uses their corporate size against us to push their agenda in Washington.

Knowing all this, here are a few Walker quotes (lies) meant to distract voters from his real and frightening agenda:
Gov. Scott Walker has said the GAB should be dismantled, replaced with “something completely new that is truly accountable to the people of the state of Wisconsin.”

"We’re bringing new and bold leadership from outside of Washington that takes power away from big government bureaucrats and union bosses and puts it back where it belongs: in the hands of hard-working Americans."

"Common sense reforms to create a government that is limited in scope and—ultimately—more effective, more efficient, and more accountable to the public."   


  1. Sdaly, there is a substantial population (30%??)that think exactly like Scott Walker. If you discuss problems, report on reality, offer a "different" view or point out deficiencies - you're being negative and divisive. I see alot of that attitude in Janesville and it's not just those identified as conservatives.

  2. Let's also mention the real reason Walker doesn't want to bring up race relations issues- because Wisconsin is arguably the worst state in the nation for African-Americans. And much of Walker's electoral success is in stirring up white suburbanites through race-baiting and dog-whistles.

    He knows he's weak on that nationwide, and thinks he can still get away with the game he plays with the suckups in the Milwaukee media by having it both ways (getting the dog-whistle out, but not being called out for it). I'm thinking Scotty doesn't want people to look too closely on his awful record on race relations and his longtime connections to the private prison industry.