Tuesday, August 25, 2015

"Victims" of John Doe raid tell uninteresting story to protect Scott Walker!

While the State Supreme Court's conservative activist Justices, paid for and elected with the help of the litigants, dismissed the 2nd Walker John Doe investigating collusion. The public got a better look at how bizarre that decision was:
Newsweek: Under Wisconsin election law, it is illegal for candidates or members of campaign staffs to coordinate their work with groups whose IRS nonprofit status prohibits direct support of political candidates.

Investigators turned up hundreds of emails describing precisely the coordination proscribed by Wisconsin state law.
A complete article that nails every point. In the meantime, the John Doe raid resulted in the following frivolous lawsuit:
Cindy Archer, a longtime aide to Gov. Scott Walker, has described a 2011 police raid on her home in which officers screamed at her, threw a search warrant at her without reading it, barred her from stepping outside to smoke and failed to inform her of her constitutional rights. Newly unsealed audio of the three-hour incident tells a different story. Archer has sued Milwaukee County DA ... Her suit is particularly critical of the Sept. 14, 2011, raid on her Madison home ... She also discussed the incident for a sympathetic story in the National Review earlier this year.
Jumping on the bandwagon were other horrified raid "victims" and possible accomplices who don't understand what "illegal" means. See the video below.
Fox News: A Wisconsin mother and son break their silence for the first time on television, they will tell us how their home was raided, and ransacked, in what they call an attempt to take down the Republican governor of their state, the now presidential candidate Scott Walker." 
Yup, average citizens protecting their unintimidated leader from the dark forces trying to "take down" Walker. Tough courageous stuff.

My conservative friend called the night this unbelievable example of spin aired on Fox News. He surprised me when he said he was unaware of the John Doe raids, but felt they were uncalled for and a witch hunt. As I've mentioned before, he bought into the distraction of Benghazi and the IRS/Hillary emails.

Despite being described as a witch hunt, the first John Doe raid nabbed 6 people close to Scott Walker, who were convicted. It's a real insight into the kind of people Walker likes to surround himself with. The poor victims below tell the exciting story of standard police procedures.

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