Sunday, August 23, 2015

Walker Came in like a wrecking ball!

The fact that the DNC will not allow the Democratic candidates for president go on the offensive via presidential policy debates is mind boggling to me. In the void created by this silence, voters might just get used to all these weird Republican ideas, thinking these are the choices they have. Wrong.

In response to Scott Walker's outrageous plans for our country, I've got a little something to say.

A. Walker had the nerve to brag that "conservative commentator after commentator, from the Wall Street Journal and National Review and plenty others out there, said this is the best plan out there." No, really? Looks like they're the only ones that matter now in Walker's one party world vision.

Walker said it was about "freedom." Yet how free are we, when we're forced to buy from insurance companies who've already decided how much we're going to pay for their services? How free are we when an insurer drops our coverage, or raises the rates at the same rate every other insurance company does? How free are we if we can't shop for a better or less expensive doctor or hospital because we're locked into an insurers network?

On Walker's health care subsidies, think about it; giving everyone who doesn't have insurance through their employer (at cheaper group rates) a subsidy, will open the door for every business to drop their own health care coverage. Why not right? Lower cost group coverage will disappear as an unintended consequence.

And spoken just like a career politician getting taxpayer health care for over 20 years, he's giving every conservative freeloader a pass, saying you can take your credit and "not buy health care insurance if they don't want." So it happens all over again folks, just like before the ACA; doctors and hospitals will make up for that uncompensated care by raising your skyrocketing monthly premiums. Oh, but Walker said that will lower costs. The deceiver and chief?

B. Scott Walker's Private Email System makes him the real "Deceiver and Chief."
Walker used a private email system when he was county executive … Walker aides set up a secret wireless router they used to conduct campaign business while on county time.

Who's Walker deceiving when he says he didn't know anything about the private email account and router right outside of his office? This should be an easy one for any Democratic candidate. Hillary's emails by the way are becoming "classified" because they're being released to the public, just like the Republicans wanted.

C. Our Big Bold Governor threw his Legislative leaders under the Walker bus again, this time on national television: I think Republican State Sen. Luther Olsen said it best:
"The thing is, we were all the guys facing the crowds every day coming in and out of our offices. We didn't have the police protection," he said. "Taking on your friends ... and saying you were the tough guy? Thanks a lot, buddy."

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