Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Republicans sow anger, frustration and desperation just to get elected.

The Republican frame on issues continues to dominate media coverage in the presidential race and of politics in general. Forget about the barrage of fabricated outrages, lies and myths that for the most part have been exposed as absolute nonsense.

The Fiscal Times article below is the prevailing thought process on the right. Voters assume all the confident declarations made by their candidates and politicians must be true, even just a little bit. 

Let’s briefly dissect the articles list below, starting with the right wing authoritarian Republican agenda; ramming their austere fiscal policies down our throats, borrowing, the “not-so-small government” takeover of local governments, overall privatization, vilification of the poor/teachers, and wild west gun laws. Republicans will say the Democrats “rammed” through “ObamaCare,” but is getting a super majority of 60 votes really considered ramming? 

Most of the whining below was intentionally created by Republicans to impose their one party dream on everyone else by frustrating and angering people:
6 years of Obama forcing unpopular policies down Americans’ throats.

Six years of lies and misdeeds by unaccountable bureaucrats (projection including total fabrications).

Six years of lame growth and resulting wage suppression (Republican oppose minimum wages).

Six years of appeasing our enemies and facing down our friends (endless wars/lost American lives).

Mainstream Americans feel marginalized, pushed to the back of the pack, while the plight of transgenders in the military or imprisoned blacks takes center stage (blatant bigotry and racism from the right wing, continuing into the next point…)

Under President Obama, Americans have become more polarized on race relations and immigration, and nearly every other issue as well. Obama has hinted that white Christian Americans are racist, indifferent to the travails of blacks and Hispanics and unreasonably hostile to Muslims (Republicans have rationalized away racism by blaming Obama for this polarization).  
Republicans have been so successful with their narrative of lies, that polls now reflect their agenda:
This is uncontestable. A poll this past spring showed that 61 percent of Americans think race relations are “bad,” the highest reading since 1992 … In the summer of 2008, before Obama’s election, 53 percent of the country considered race relations good and only 37 percent considered them bad. That’s quite a turnabout. 

Nearly two-thirds of the country thinks we are on the wrong track, while only 29 percent think things are going well. 
The article sums up this right wing lunacy with the following list that exposes the failure of the GOP’s austere free market shift:
The frustration at the sorry plght of our public schools (massive GOP cuts), the deterioration of our infrastructure (no money due to tax cuts), the weakening of our military (still believe in the military industrial complex), our bloated and unsustainable entitlements programs (thanks to trade policies), massive cybersecurity breaches (in the private sector) and so on. 

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