Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Republicans exploit Planned Parenthood videos to kill off Biotech Industry in Wisconsin. What a jobs plan.

It's been a common theme under Scott Walker to oppose all things that hint of liberalism, science, and logic. Walker destroyed a regional concept tying Milwaukee with Chicago by opposing high speed rail and the development that went along with that (also between Milwaukee and Madison), trashed attempts to expand and develop an alternative energy industry, and made major cuts to the UW system because those radical liberal eggheads continue to indoctrinate our kids.

Here we go again. The world acclaimed biotech stem cell research at the UW is the next victim of Walker's ideological one party nationalist agenda, pushed by Republican Neanderthal State Rep. Andre Jacque. Jacque found freeloading off the taxpayers much easier than getting into life saving medical research.

Exploiting the Planned Parenthood video tapes showing nothing illegal or unethical, Jacque compared the use of fetal tissue to Nazi research. For some reason, and despite actual similarities to past nationalist socialist societies that have threatened world peace, Republicans continue to compare Democrats and scientists to Nazi Germany with impunity. Audio from the Devil's Advocates show:

Jacque: "Respect for human dignity is essential to the authorization of scientific research, a fight underscored by numerous and horrific past failures to establish or follow such protocols, such as Josef Mengele's  atrocities at the Auschwitz concentration camp..."
Jacque wasn't done making outrageous, base agitating, bizarre comparisons:
"I suppose a similar philosophy would justify the likely continuing mass occurrence of forced organ harvesting and transplantation from executed political prisoners to the well-connected in China."
Here's the coverage from WISC and WKOW

The Assembly's Criminal Justice Committee held a hearing on a measure Tuesday that would outlaw selling, donating and experimenting with fetal body parts in Wisconsin.

The dean of the UW School of Medicine and Public Health, the Wisconsin Medical Society, the Medical College of Wisconsin and a trade association representing biotech companies are all lobbying against the measure. Dr. Robert Golden, dean of the UW-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health said, "This lifesaving research would come to a complete abrupt stop in Wisconsin with a devastating effect on our state's capacity to attract and retain biotechnology."

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