Monday, July 28, 2008

Scary Former Clinton Delegate Votes McCain, Gets More Press from Me. Damn!

After all the years I've spent talking to liberals and Democrats, I have never come across one who could give up their party platform because they were unhappy with the choice of candidates. That's why the included video is so startling.

Now formally stripped of her delegate status in Wisconsin, Debbie Bartoshevich continues to play the victim, talking about how "I dedication a lot of time, a lot of money. I wanted to be a part of her historical candidacy." Of Barack Obama, she claims "Basically he was selected, not elected." She even went as far as disagreeing with his policies. Really, like Clinton and Obama's health care for all and withdrawing the troops from Iraq?

Imagine Bartoshevich, a Democrat, singing the praises of Sen. John McCain with every Republican campaign talking point at her disposal: "I have a lot of admiration and respect for McCain, because of his experience (comparatively, Clinton has very little), because of him being a veteran. I think you have to look at the resumes ... I'm putting my country before my party. I'm finished with the DEMOCRAT Party."

That's the Democratic spirit. Joe Wineke, leader of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, is right to point out the political circus surrounding this "coat tail Clinton supporter," and phony Democrat. Sadly, Wineke admits, "It's the only place in the country where there's a delegate for Hillary or Obama that's supporting McCain."

What I find fascinating is her ego centric outrage, and dumb as a board take on the Democratic candidates political differences. My brain is starting to hurt again...just watch.

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