Monday, July 28, 2008

Rabbit Hole, Looking Glass Energy Policy Pushed By Republicans

Let’s go down the rabbit hole, through the looking glass, and into the thick of the Republican Party.

My brain hurt at first, and then I couldn’t help but shake my head and sigh. For a political Party that put Vice President Dick Cheney in charge of “the first major domestic energy plan in years,” we went from $1.60 a gallon to $4.25 in eight years, and nearly bankrupt the world. Forget green energy and forget raising CAFÉ standards for cars and trucks, why not let them eat oil. Top mountains, rape the country side and dot the beautiful coast lines with oil rigs all the while we’re polluting the air we breathe.

Instead of hoping people forget their disastrous energy policy (this is where we head down the rabbit hole), Republicans now think high pump prices just might be the way to win the publics confidence. I’m not kidding. Take a look at what the Wall Street Journal wrote on this bizarre turn:
Republicans are upping the ante on their bet that energy issues -- especially increased domestic oil production -- will be key to closing Democrats' imposing advantage with voters on the economy. Democrats' advantage on energy -- the issue voters in the poll said was their No. 1 economic concern -- had shrunk to 20 points in July from 28 points in January.

Wow, they are closing the gap on energy. But have no fear, they still might not be able to sell this snake “oil” either.

The Obama camp is seeking to cast Sen. McCain as the one who has failed to take action. "Sen. McCain put it best when he said that our energy problems are the result of 30 years of inaction in Washington," said Tommy Vietor, an Obama spokesman. "Unfortunately, John McCain was there for 26 of those years and he repeatedly voted against increasing fuel-economy standards and investing in renewable energy."

Note to Republicans: The price of gas has gone down over 12 cents in the last week. Better hurry with your short term solution, that will only take 7 to 20 years to make any kind of difference, if any.

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