Saturday, July 19, 2008

IED Contractor Bribe To Duke Cunningham Cost Troop Lives

So how corrupt are Republicans, even if it means the loss of innocent lives? These patriotic troops supporters have their price.

CBS News reports the No. 1 killer of troops in Iraq is the roadside bomb, called IED's. By 2004, the top request from the U.S. command in Iraq was the ability to target IED networks. Congress poured in tens of millions of dollars to a company called MZM - but deaths and injuries continued to soar.

It was the job of intelligence officer Maj. Eric Egland to find out why. "The capability that was being funded was given an unqualified contractor, who failed at even the most basic level to provide the right people, the right resources and the right capability to help our troops deal with the No. 1 threat in Iraq," Egland said.

At the Pentagon Egland did some digging and found MZM had gotten millions in Defense contracts - courtesy of Rep. Duke Cunningham, R-Calif., in the form of earmarks.
To get the sweetheart deals, MZM owner Mitchell Wade had bribed Congressman Cunningham with the "Buoy Toy" yacht, vehicles, antiques, jewelry, cash and fancy property - details revealed when both were prosecuted in a wide-ranging corruption scandal.

Egland is convinced that the classified earmarks didn't just waste your tax dollars - they cost American lives.

"People died because of this program being done the way it was?" the reporter asked. "I really believe so.

Absolutely," Egland said.

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