Saturday, July 19, 2008

Global Warming Hoax? Extremist Group “Environmental Protection Agency” Says Otherwise

An EPA report point blank warns that global warming will increase disease and other health problems nationwide for many years to come.

USA Today reports: "Climate change poses real risks to human health," says the EPA's Joel Scheraga. Some of the environmental effects will be irreversible, he says.

Rick Piltz of the Government Accountability Project, a former U.S. Climate Change Science Program (USCCSP) staffer, charged that EPA had stalled release of the health report since April for political reasons. And, he charges, the agency did not mention the health risks in a recent Supreme Court-ordered report on the dangers of greenhouse gases.

"If you read between the lines," says Sen. Barbara Boxer, (D-Calif.), "this EPA report on the health effects of climate change provides further evidence that our families and communities are seriously endangered by global warming, and that we must act now.

Of course, what this simply points out is that human life is not, and never has been, the priority of this administration. The U.S. must always consider the huge burden and cost of saving lives most large businesses would eventually have to bear. But it gets worse. The report couldn’t make it any clearer.

The report warns that more powerful floods, hurricanes, droughts and other "extreme" weather events will hit the nation by 2050 due to global warming, increasing the risks of diseases such as salmonella and giardia, as well as heatstroke.

"Many of the expected health effects are likely to fall disproportionately on the poor, the elderly, the disabled and the uninsured," says the report, calling for support of public health resources to combat climate effects.

More scare tactics? Yea right.

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