Monday, July 14, 2008

Cry Baby Wisconsin Clinton Delegate in a Red State of Shock, Votes McCain

Just how mad is one disappointed Clinton supporters? Crazy mad enough to vote for a man who believes all women should be heiresses and rich like his own wife. You got it. We’re talking about the marry-up man himself, Sen. John McCain. She's also believed to be the only Clinton supporter in the nation to want to vote for the Republican candidate.

On UpFront with Mike Gousha, Debra Bartoshevich rages on about how hard she worked, the hours she spent campaigning and how unfair it was that Hillary never became the nominee. She really said, "If your going to take away my right to have the opportunity to vote for her, I just feel it's undemocratic." Wow, she had a right to have it her way. Was it Clinton’s strong stand on issues that drew Debra into the groundswell of women everywhere looking for health care reform, a balanced budget and ending the war in Iraq? Nah, Debra wanted to be a part of electing the first woman president. That’s all. See for yourself:

And now, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, she is “fighting an attempt by the state Democratic Party to unseat her from next month's national convention. Debra said that to "strip me of my status is undemocratic." The state party moved to strip Bartoshevich of her delegate status after she said that she will support Republican John McCain over Democrat Barack Obama if Obama is the party’s nominee.

Virtually moments after Hillary conceded, Bartoshevich signed up with Citizens for McCain because of his experience and her belief that Clinton was treated unfairly.

There you have it, an angry hard working emergency room nurse, giving up on health care for all, so she can vote for experience over vision. She was someone who only wanted a woman to win the presidency, not a candidate with a clear ideological direction out of the mess we’re in right now economically and socially.

There is one bright spot though, with McCain as president, her emergency room will never be more popular.

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