Thursday, July 31, 2008

McCain's Celebrity ad with Paris and Britney Racist, Idiotic

So now we find out that the McCain Campaign is out of ideas and is looking to define their opponent with any wacky fiction that sticks. He's apparently just like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton because...he's a "celebrity." Maybe famous, but not a celebrity. Maybe he's more like a politician running for president who just happen to get some media coverage like his opponent. But hey, I'm gonna have to leave it up to the big thinkers. But hasn't McCain been a Vietnam POW celebrity for years and an outright media whore...I mean darling?

Andrea Mitchell interviews McCain's campaign manager Rick Davis. Incredibly, Davis whines about the "vicious" attacks by Obama and the helpless attempt by McCain to take the high road. Obama has never viciously done anything that I can remember, unless criticizing McCain's disastrous policies for America count as negative? These cry babies just hate it when someone else gets better coverage by the press simply because they deserve it. "Petty" and "vacuous" are words that comes to mind.

One more thing, instead of two celebrity blond white women, why not two celebrity male liberals? Is it because the McCain campaign is playing off the cliche portrail of black men dating white blond women?

UPDATE: Aug. 1, 2008: It seems McCain was a bit of a "celebrity" himself, according to the media.

AP: McCain Talks To Letterman About April Candidacy Announcement, March 1, 2007
Republican Sen. John McCain said he will officially enter the presidential race ... with a formal announcement in early April after a trip to Iraq. The 2006 midterm campaign had just ended when McCain took the first formal step toward a presidential run in November. He formed an exploratory committee and gave a speech casting himself as a "common-sense conservative" in the vein of Ronald Reagan who could lead the party back to dominance after a dreadful election season by returning to the GOP's core principles. A political celebrity, McCain is considered a top contender for the nomination.

Ooops! I hope John McCain call for an AP retraction?

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