Sunday, July 13, 2008

Michael Steele Loses to Dukakis in Verbal Shootout

Michael Steele filling in for Sean Hannity, couldn't wait to pin the tail on the Democratic donkey, Michael Dukakis, with every cliche he could think of describing Barack Obama. Dukakis smoked him. Perhaps Republicans have started to believe their own myth about how wimpy he was. If only our current crop of Democrats could muster Dukakis's point blank answers, we'd inject some life in the party and the public might have a better picture of what a true conservative is.

FREELOADING CONSERVATIVES: Republicans aren’t really concerned about saving you and me taxes, their concerned about not paying any of their money, which in some circles is called FREELOADING. They want all the luxuries of our great country, they just don’t want to pay for it. Want proof, it's in the video and spelled out here:

Dukakis: Now Obama’s is a guy who believes that you gotta pay your bills.

Steele: Yea, but he wants to pay everybody else’s bills with my money…

Dukakis: Of course it’s our money, but

Steele: No, it’ my money, not our money, it’s my money..

Dukakis: Well it’s your money, but it’s also your country

Steele is nonsensical when he implies we're all taking advantage of his heavier tax burdon, and not paying our fair share, laughing behind his back as we pay for our next meal with food stamps.

Nova M's Mike Malloy says it best when he groans, "god I hate these people."

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