Monday, July 21, 2008

McCain Health Care Myths "You Control" & "Take it with You" Rhetoric

Sure we'll hear more about the competing health care plans from Sen. McCain and Sen. Obama in the months to come, but first, let's deep six a few really dumb positioning statements by the Republicans. McCain Victory Chair woman Carly Fiorina has two talking points that should sound crazy to anyone awake and still able to think.

Myth One-Choice: To hear Fiorina describe it, you would think it's somehow magical for a person to go out by themselves, alone, and get a good deal on health insurance. No crazy group rates for these take charge individuals. Fiorina take the univesal plan and spins it inside out. She first makes it sound absurd; "People don't want a choice in health insurance, that's why a government mandated program is better." "Government mandates" yuk! "And I disputed the premise of that question, and said no, people actually do want a choice."

Myth Buster one: Universal government health care is NATIONAL, which means a whole nation of choices when it comes to doctors and hospitals. That would appear to allow an almost unlimited "choice" for treatment. And private health care choices end once you sign up. Your told what doctors to see and what hospitals to go to, along with treatments they'll cover and won't. Who's fooling who? Do you really think you have any choice or control, especially after injury (tort) reform is in place.

Myth Two-Transferability: The guest conservative espouses "choice, being able to transfer it. Being able to carry it with you ... verses Obama, which is more big government, big spending."

Myth Buster: A NATIONAL plan is about as transferable as it gets, as long as your in the country. Look, in only some instances is big government preferred; education, health care, military and public services like police and fire. I haven't heard of to many attempts to put in place a government run grocery chain, construction company, brewery or fast food restaurant.

McCain surrogates are slick, well reheased hucksters. See for yourself.

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