Thursday, July 24, 2008

Obama "Undermines" the Presidency When He Speaks to Foreign People

Just when you thought the Republicans were out of ideas, they pounced into action with the lamest and most laughable criticism of Barack Obama's appearance in front of hundreds of thousands of Germans anyone could imagine, even me.

You'll see in the video Sen. McCain say "I would rather speak at a rally or gathering anyplace outside the U.S. after I'm president."

That's right, the new Republican talking point and rule of the game is that a candidate for president cannot talk on foreign soil about the U.S. It's breathtaking in it's stupidity, and for the moment, meant to distract more than make any kind of sense. Even I'm writing about this phoney "rule" that suddenly applies to candidates who are wildly popular around the world.

MSNBC political analyst Joe Watkins takes this new "rule" one step further, "Speeches like that are reserved for the commander and chief of the United States. The commander and chief speaks for the American people."

Watkins might be surprised to know that the president serves the people, not the other way around. More importantly, they are not, I repeat, NOT commander and chief of the people but of the military.

Funny how the authoritarian qualities of these right wing pundits creeps out when you least expect it. These Bush idol worshippers sacrifice all credibility when they announce, like Joe Watkins, that people like Obama "undermine the institution of the presidency." In fact, "He's speaking like a guy who could be president."

How dare he?

Dan Abrams hits one out when he tells Watkins that "the only problem with the visuals is that there were to many people there."

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