Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Jane Mayer Shine Some light on “The Dark Side”

I’ll be curious to see how future history classes critique the extraordinarily horrific Bush administration policies and the stain it will leave on the world stage.

If Jane Mayer’s stunning new book “The Dark Side” has anything to say about it, we also might wonder just how fragile our fairly new experiment in democracy is, especially after getting a closer look at the inner workings laid out in Mayer’s book.

She writes that after a CIA agent discovers that nearly half of the detainees are there by mistake, Dick Cheney’s legal advisor David Addington said, “There will be no review. The president has determined that they are all enemy combatants. We are not going to review it.”

John Ashcroft’s Deputy Att. General James Comey and Asst. AG Jack Goldsmith we’re so afraid of the NSA spying program, Mayer writes “They were both so paranoid by then, they actually thought they may be in physical danger…they feared that their communications were being monitored.”

And you thought this administration couldn’t get any worse?

Appearing on MSNBC’s Verdict with Dan Abrams, author Jane Mayer has even more:

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  1. I have so far read but 80 pages of this riveting and harrowing book - in one sitting. I want to see Dick Cheney, David Addington, John Yoo, and all the others tried for treason and war crimes. Yes, what they did is that serious!