Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Democrats Just don't get Dumb-ass Bush and Stupid-ass Republican Plan to Help Big Oil. What’s Their Problem?

God damn those Democrats. We just can't let them get away with killing this country with high mileage cars and "green" energy. If it comes down to livin' or dyin', I'm on the side of life. That kind of puts them in a bad place, doesn't it?

They want us to pay more for gas, and that means forcing everyone into buying those liberal Prius’s. And that means no room for the concealed gun in the car (arsonal?) so you can at least take it work and protect yourself. The time for talk is past.

We kept our guns for a reason, to secure our country and fight for our flag pin freedom.

The commander and chief of our country, President Bush said it perfectly. "The American people are rightly frustrated by the failure of the Democratic leaders in Congress to enact commonsense solutions." Oh sure he “acknowledged that development of oil resources in waters off the coastlines, an area known as the Outer Continental Shelf, would take time. But he said that only creates more urgency for Congress to lift its legislative ban on drilling in these protected waters before lawmakers leave Washington for summer break.

That’s right; they’re going to take a summer break, a staycation, instead of protecting us from paying more at the gas pump. I’m PO’ed and I’m not going to take it anymore.

Let’s face it, “the Democratic-run Congress let the American people down by refusing to allow a vote on the matter.” Right on W.

But wouldn’t ya know it, “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has ignored calls by Republican leaders for a vote on lifting the drilling bans in Atlantic and Pacific waters, arguing that oil companies already have vast areas available for drilling but have chosen not to do so.” Yea right, like they would let all that profit just sit their so they could control the prices at the pump.

Instead, the Democrats want to tinker around the edges with a market speculation bill, taking money out of those hard working speculators pockets too.

What’s their problem with people making a profit trading oil?

This is war, and it’s time to show everyone how serious we are. Ka-ching.

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