Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Republicans go after Liberal Justice on State Supreme Court!!!

There's no mistaking it at this point, Republicans are out to wipe clean any hint of liberalism, politically and judicially, in Wisconsin. They're not fooling around.

It's hard to imagine the Democratic Party ever doing something this authoritarian. Democrats are barely supportive of their own populist agenda, fumbling away golden opportunities when they're in the majority.

Think we'll hear cries of outrage over the Republican power play to purge the State Supreme Court of it's chief liberal justice? The idea that these big government lawmakers can instantly retire a justice without grandfathering in the current lineup, is mind blowing.

It appears legislators from as far back as 1977 were not fulfilling their constitutional responsibility, according to Rep. Dean Knudson. Hey, it's not about ousting out Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson, someone they've been trying to demote for years. What would make you think that?

From WKOW:

But Rep. Knudson says the legislation isn't about getting Abrahamson … "She asked, could we construct something that would grandmother her, and my response was that this really isn't about any individual," said Rep. Knudson. 

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