Sunday, December 28, 2014

Our reluctant "incidental governor," Scott Walker; getting to be kind of a joke.

I've been having fun pointing out how Scott Walker is never quite dedicated to any particular policy, but is always a reluctant supporter and signer of right wing partisan legislation. I can almost hear him saying, "Okay, I'll sign it just to get it out of the way."

Urban Milwaukee's Bruce Murphy thankfully put together a list of nuisance bills signed into reported by Cap Times' Steve Elbow:
Scott Walker says Republican right-to-work legislation isn't a priority in his tax-cutting, job-creating agenda. Rather, it's a distraction.

But he also said that about a bill eliminating early voting on weekends, making it harder to sue over Indian mascot names, requiring women to undergo an ultrasound before an abortion and prohibiting doctors without admitting privileges at nearby hospitals from performing abortions, all of which he signed into law.

Columnist Bruce Murphy's column Tuesday documents these and other measures Walker has deemed distractions from his jobs agenda, only to give them his full support by signing them into law ... signing a right-to-work bill might be just the ticket to burnish his conservative credentials.

"In reality, Walker has supported such a measure for two decades," Murphy writes. "A right-to-work bill is one more of those pesky, distracting, non-priorities that Scott Walker, with his entire heart and soul, would love to help become law."

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