Thursday, December 11, 2014

Democrats create "SiX," the State Innovation Exchange, to create model policy nationwide.

Slowly but surely, the timid Democratic Party is learning how to fight for their populist agenda. I know, it's kinda scary standing firm for poll tested, majority approved principles, but the battered and bruised Democrats have no choice but to stop their inevitable extinction.

Democrats aren't really copying ALEC. But what they are doing is clearly defining what they will fight for and what the other side is trying to take away. Bloomberg News:
"We've ceded the states, in terms of policy and politics, to Republicans for a full generation now," said Democratic strategist Nick Rathod, a former White House liaison to the states for Obama. On Thursday, state-level Democrats will meet their party's answer to ALEC. The State Innovation Exchange, or SiX, is convening for the first time at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington. It's part legislative mixer, part progressive pep rally. Rathod, the group's founder and director, wants to build for Democrats a library of "model policy" like Republicans have through ALEC.

Another goal is to give Democrats the confidence to be more progressive, said Adam Green, an adviser to SiX and co-founder of Progressive Change Campaign Committee. "Polling shows there's no tension between great progressive ideas and what voters want," he said. 

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