Thursday, December 18, 2014

Will someone ask Scott Walker to give "a reason" and justify why we continued the Cold War policy toward Cuba. Anyone?

The completely meaningless talking point about Cuba, spouted by far right politicians including Scott Walker, is getting a lot of press without any blowback.

Gee, the way Republicans are acting now, discussions with Red China would have been impossible. The same goes for Vietnam. Anyone? How about Marco Rubio:
“This notion that somehow being able to travel more to Cuba, to sell more consumer products, the idea that’s going to lead to some democratic opening is absurd,” Rubio said.
Crazy notion, isn't it? Sadly we're still waiting for some "democratic opening" to appear in China as well...guess we better give up on that one too? Do these people think all?

Republican continue to be in "all or nothing" mode (thanks to the antics of the cowering Democratic Party), demanding Cuba flip the switch and instantly become a democratic republic with voting rights, political party's, etc.

Repeating this all-or-nothing word salad? Scott Walker:
Gov. Scott Walker says that he thinks normalizing relations with Cuba is a "bad idea." Walker said he thinks "there's a reason" the restrictions were put in place and doesn't think there have been enough changes in Cuba that show it's committed to becoming a more free and prosperous country.

Walker ... said he thinks the move opens the door to problems. "I don't think there's been any noticeable change towards making that a more free and prosperous country ... There's a reason we had the policy in the first place."
And that reason is...? Well lets see, slavery was there in the constitution for a reason, right? There's a reason women couldn't vote too? You'd have to look as far back as the late 50's and early 60's, for the reason we had our Cuban policy; the Cold War. From that sprouted a few extra reasons, listed at Voxdotcom.

I guess making small and incremental steps with Cuba isn't worth ending a half century of failed Cold War policy. Nuke missiles anyone?

Rubio wasn't done either, when he suddenly started taking verbal pot shots at the Pope:
U.S. officials said Pope Francis was personally engaged in the process as well and sent separate letters to Obama and Castro this summer urging them to restart relations.

"My understanding is that the influence that His Holiness had was on the release of Mr. [Alan] Gross, which I've not criticized. As I said, I'm happy that he's with the Cuban people [sic]. I would also ask His Holiness to take up the cause of freedom and democracy, which is critical for a free people — for a people to truly be free. I think the people of Cuba deserve the same chances to have democracy as the people of Argentina have had, where he comes from."

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  1. OK, I made the comment elsewhere, we need to guard against the predictable heavy influx of exploding Cuban cigars.

    Watch out, don't say Scooter didn't warn you.