Thursday, December 11, 2014

Deer Hunting “Rebuilding Year?” Oh, that’s what it was.

Excuses, excuses! Have you ever heard so many excuses from the party of accountability and responsibility when it comes to the recent deer hunt disaster?

So why did fewer avid Wisconsin hunters buy licenses? It wasn't because of last year’s weather
related deer kill. Perhaps it was GOP over-regulation? The convoluted maze of rules that made sportsmen’s eyes glaze over resulted in a 24,891 (4%) drop in license sales, the lowest number since 1976. Really, I'm not kidding. 
Welcome in the new Scott Walker government model; exude confidence and infallibility, while never quite taking the blame for failure. And according to my conservative friend in Milwaukee, total GOP dominance won’t show any results until Republicans stop the liberal destruction of our country.
jsonline: "To invoke sports terminology, I think we'd probably call it a rebuilding year," said Tom Hauge, director of wildlife management for the Department of Natural Resources, speaking to the Natural Resources Board. This year was notable for declines in deer harvest and license sales.
Deer Doctor James Kroll’s new “simplified” hunting rules are about to become even more simplified, with a list of additional clarifications and adjustments that could fill a library shelf:
Next on the agenda: A request to hold public hearings on proposed changes to deer management regulations.  "These CDACs, County Deer Advisory Councils, have to know they have skin in the game or this whole system falls apart," said Greg Kazmierski, a board member from Pewaukee.
Yes, it could fall it comes…
In addition to bonus buck, the councils could vote hold a four-day December antlerless deer hunt; allowing the harvest of bucks during the Holiday Hunt; holding an antlerless-only deer season; instituting antler point restrictions (four points on a side or wider than the ears) in a selected season; or limiting buck harvest to the first two days of a season … the proposal would require two-thirds of the CDACs in a zone to approve a change. However, the DNR is likely to seek input on whether the public prefers "county only" or "zone wide" votes to influence such changes.
I hope you’re taking notes folks. 

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