Sunday, December 14, 2014

It looks like Concealed Carry is Killing Us.

Are we safer since concealed carry? We're supposed to be, according to Scott Walker. 

If the following graph took a look at how effective ObamaCare was at decreasing the number of people without insurance, it would be rightfully called a major disaster. But the increase below shows how many more people were killed by guns, not saved by them. Thanks to Political Heat for pointing out the gun death trend lines since concealed carry: 
The number of murders in the state related to gun deaths also reflects this conclusion. Estimates from 2014 (from Wisconsin Public Radio, which has been tracking gun homicides from media reports over the year) suggest that this current year is also going to be high in terms of the number of murders committed, especially when looking at gun homicides alone. These increases in murders and violent crime should cause concerns for the governor and state legislators. The stats are contradictory to the statement that Walker made when he signed the concealed carry bill into law -- that “we are making Wisconsin safer.” 

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