Monday, December 22, 2014

Educated Workforce? Forget it, GOP austerity forces UW Superior to sheds programs and four positions.

I’d like to make a prediction; Republicans will make another cut to the UW system over some drummed up “problem,” just like they've done in every other budget.

And this will only make things worse. With the continuation of the tuition freeze, without any promise of additional state aid and possible cuts, the UW-Superior is the first domino positioned to fall.
UW-Superior it’s suspending five academic programs: Educational Specialist Degree; Applied Discrete Mathematics concentration; French minor; French education minor; German education minor … will save the university $260,000 by eliminating four positions.

The university is receiving roughly $2 million from UW System to offset cuts in state funding, tuition freezes and low enrollment. Williams said the university needs to save $2 million by June 2016. 26 out of their 94 undergraduate major and minor programs will remain under review, including programs for music, theatre and computer science … they don’t know what further cuts may be made, or when that might happen.
Former Sen. Dale Schultz described what was really going on this way on WPR's morning show:

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