Sunday, December 7, 2014

Fact # 1: Democrats make things better, Republicans don't.

Republicans will continue to win elections by souring Americans on the economy; lower wages foster resentment and keep people from sharing in the recovery.

So despite a rather brisk economic recovery, the public overwhelmingly disagrees with the way Obama has managed it. You can thank the fabricated and constant GOP attacks. And yet, the following figures overwhelmingly show Obama killing Bush's supply side recovery. The facts don't lie, but Republicans do:

I have to laugh though, because even these figures will spur on an avalanche of tweets asking me to "prove" my point with facts. Kinda makes you wonder what the right considers a "fact," not that anyone should spend much time trying to burst their bubble. It ain't gonna happen.

But reality seekers rejoice, here are some of the details. This is just a FYI, and something to pack away until Democrats are called on to save the economy again. Mother Jones:
The Obama recovery isn't just a little bit better than the Bush recovery. It's miles better. But here's the interesting thing. This chart looks only at private sector employment. If you want to make Bush look better, you can look at total employment instead. It's still not a great picture: Bush got a nice tailwind from increased hiring at the state and federal level. Obama, conversely, was sailing into heavy headwinds because he inherited a worse recession. States cut employment sharply—partly because they had to and partly because Republican governors saw the recession as an opportunity to slash the size of government—and Congress was unwilling to help them out in any kind of serious way. If you want to credit Bush for his tax cuts and malign Obama for his stimulus program and his regulatory posture, then you have to accept the results as well. And by virtually any measure, including the fact that the current recovery hasn't ended in an epic global crash, Obama has done considerably better than Bush. 


  1. You're delusional if you believe those numbers.

  2. Ah, the non-participation numbers again. Have you used those for Scott Walker? Didn't think so. But of course we're not talking about those numbers are we. Hate Obama much?

    Delusional back at ya.

  3. No I don't hate him at all. And I try not to comment on your local wisconsin politics since I don't live there. I've known enough people from wisconsin and they all seem pretty batshit to me. Emotional and not logical.

    If you want to believe whatever numbers they tell you, that's up to you, but that's not going to help you any. If you want to call this a recovery, yes you're delusional. But I'll just keep debunking your rhetoric since it's so easy to do so with facts. :)

    92 million Americans kicked out of the labor participation rate. Do you really think the real unemployment rate is 5.8%? I could go into your GDP numbers and the rest but it's really a waste of my time arguing with imbeciles.

    I hope you did well on all your DOW stocks since you measure Obama's Presidency that way and love him so much. And I hope you still love him when it crashes.