Tuesday, December 16, 2014

60% of the Unemployed couldn't get through for benefits. Any Republican Outrage?

Remember this outrageous earth shaking event that brought the hammer down by Republicans. jsonline:
report of the state's ethics and elections agency released Friday found officials waited years in some cases to review whether felons had voted and did not promptly audit electronic voting equipment. Republicans who control the Legislature pounced on the report by the nonpartisan Legislative Audit Bureau, saying it provided evidence the accountability board needs to be dismantled.
Think we’ll see anything like that from this report. jsonline-Jason Stein:
Highlighting a recurring problem for out of work Wisconsin residents (dates back at least to 2009), a new audit found that jobless workers had 60% of their phone calls for help blocked last year when they sought unemployment benefits. Auditors found that almost 1.7 million phone calls to state centers by jobless workers were blocked last fiscal year because there was no one to answer the calls and not enough phone lines available to put the workers on hold ... the state has often been unable to handle the rush of calls.

Those workers included Ron Youngbluth of Pewaukee … He estimated he called up to two dozen times over the next month, sometimes several times a day. He got through to the automated system, but never to a person. "I called them the past at least three weeks, I don't know how many times. I couldn't get ahold of anyone," he told the Public Investigator.  
I’m wondering if the number of blocked calls had any effect on the unemployment numbers that made Walker look so good?

The usual conservative comments popped up:
Mr Iguanna: If they weren't losers, they wouldn't be unemployed.

Pokerface: Did they have have to call back? oh the horror!!!
But I thought this was the best response:
Swift: 86% failure rate. Where's the outrage from our GOP legislators? Nonexistent, because they don't care what happens to the unemployed and the poor. 

The new system will have a recorded message while you are waiting to talk to a state representative that says "Please hold for the next available representative, if you would rather die then you had better do it and decrease the surplus population".

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