Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The sickening devotion and unquestioning love affair Republicans have with their leader, Scott Walker.

I couldn't resist posting this outrageously ironic conversation on the Devil's Advocates show, from Tom the caller.

Tom, like all Republicans, can't stop talking about voter fraud and restoring confidence in elections. Protecting the integrity of elections is big with these guys...except when they're the ones winning. Now suddenly, electoral fraud, whether at the ballot box or manipulated through voting machine software, is non-existent.

Tom the caller is reacting to an article questioning whether Scott Walker beat Mary Burke.

Tom the caller said we've got to get over it, Walker won, it's just sour grapes and whining now. He even said we had to get over Bush, ironically forgetting how Scott Walker continued to blame former Gov. Jim Doyle for everything, not even mentioning Mary Burke's name in the campaign.

Tom the caller then went on to list everything that's really important to a functioning society, telling the hosts:
Tom the caller: "You lost because people are sick and tired of the talk about the war on women, the war on the elderly, the war on big PHARMA, the war on middle class workers...you gotta get over it. It's just out of hand now...nobody...everybody sees through it. You're fooling nobody." 
I heard this same rap from my former conservative friend in Milwaukee, who now gets his news from every fringe right wing phony news site.

Hilarity ensued as Tom the caller claimed we had "less debt" than when Gov. Doyle left office.

Wrong, but you couldn't tell Tom the caller that, who claimed anyone could "find figures that go in anyone's favor." Ah, guess so "ironic" Tom. Surreal stuff and another example of the intractable belief system conservatives strictly adhere too.

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