Saturday, December 13, 2014

Walker inserts Chinese proverb into scripture, because "it's in his reading of the Bible."

I'll bet Sheldon Adelson is still laughing about Scott Walker's Molotov gaffe. 

What's becoming very clear is just how shallow Scott Walker really is. It takes a real genius to get his own super majority party to vote his does he do it? Throw in a little of that phony leadership and you've got Scott Walker, the memorizer-n-chief. Will he ever stop nodding his head during interviews? 

So let's finally see some real outrage at another Walker gaffe. jsonline-Dan Bice:
President Barack Obama recently quoted a nonexistent Bible verse ("The Good Book says, don't throw stones in glass houses") to help sell his executive action on immigration, earning the scorn of his conservative foes

But it appears that Gov. Scott Walker -- whose father was a Baptist minister -- made a similar mistake when talking to the Wall Street Journal last month about Obamacare and Medicaid.
“It’s probably not fair to ask the son of a preacher to use biblical metaphors. My reading of the Bible finds plenty of reminders that it’s better to teach someone to fish than to give them fish if they’re able. . . . Caring for the poor isn't the same as taking money from the federal government to lock more people into Medicaid.”
The recently re-elected Republican governor is actually referencing an old Chinese proverb:
"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."
But even this obvious mistake is really no mistake at all. In this Republican bubble world reality, there are no Walker mistakes. He even gets to rewrite the Bible:
Team Walker disagrees. "The governor specifically says it’s in his reading of the Bible," said Laurel Patrick, press secretary for Walker. "He’s not quoting scripture."

"It's technically true that Medicaid funding isn't in the bible, but the Chinese proverb Gov. Walker references isn't there either," said Scot Ross, head of the liberal group One Wisconsin Now.
Add to it Walker’s numbskull attempt at Yiddish, "Thank you again, and Molotov" in a letter to a Jewish lawyer, and you've got a walking word salad disaster. A typo, really?


  1. It is so obvious that SKW only knows the new "prosperity gospel" (if he knows anything at all), which is a far cry from a legitimate reading of the New Testament. He has clearly forgotten the parables about Jesus serving and feeding the poor.

    I truly believe that Mr. Walker is anticipating the End Times approaching soon, which is why he demonstrates such callousness towards people and natural resources. Too bad that he will find himself "left behind" for his sins against the citizens of the state of Wisconsin. He'll share space with Vos, Fitzgerald, et al.

  2. Really Walker believes in, "Sink or Swim." He doesn't believe in government training or government providing jobs. He won't give a man a fish or teach him how to fish and most certainly won't provide the tools to fish.

  3. The "SKWalker knows a lot about fishing. I heard that he is in fact a master baiter.