Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Victims of GOP policies next big target for Rep. Robin Vos.

In a rambling piece of word salad ego-nomics, Rep. Robin Vos made this claim:
“Assembly Republicans also will work to limit the growth of government.” 
That's funny. He’s joking of course. Did you see what they did to regulate deer hunting?

Take a look at the following plan for “entitlements.” Tell me if this isn't a jumbled mess of regulatory hoops to jump through from our big government Republican overlords:

WSJ: Assembly Republicans released an agenda for the upcoming session, which included several entitlement reform ideas. They include drug-testing those receiving public benefits, discontinuing assistance for those who test positive and offering treatment options; having electronic cards with photos for all public benefit transactions and limiting the number of replacement cards; ensuring welfare payments reflect completed work and a portion of food stamps are used on nutritious food; and sending an annual statement of benefits to all public assistance recipients.
Yikes. Ready for this "stand with Walker" tightwads? Florida spent $500,000 conducting the tests, catching 20 out of nearly 33,000 applicants, and another $400,000 defending the program in court…which they lost. 

All of this blustery bullshit to energize the base, or just reckless GOP spending? I wonder.

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