Sunday, December 7, 2014

Fact # 2: Democrats make things better, Republicans don't. Minnesota sees $1 billion Surplus!

Republicans continue to rely on the one thing that keeps Americans from sharing in the good economic news, state and nationwide; low wages. The country is doing great, it’s just the wage gap that’s killing us, a fact not missed by Republicans who can use voter discontent to their advantage.

That said, the economy is doing quite well thank you. And yet, Scott Walker is quick to ignore the successful recovery of our colder neighbor to the west, Minnesota. Perhaps he doesn't want to make that simple but obvious economic comparison? Perhaps he also doesn't want you to know how disastrous his health care decisions were to state taxpayers.

And for "stand with Walker" defenders of our low deer kill numbers, saying we're just like Minnesota, why shouldn't we be the same when it comes to economics?

Job killing Keynesian Economics vs Supply Side Voodoo Economics: Here's a quick video report:

Gov. Mark Dayton and Minnesota lawmakers got a jolt of good budget news Thursday, as state forecasters predicted a $1 billion surplus heading into next month’s legislative session.
Republicans, who have increased the wage gap to historical levels, while rejecting minimum wage increases, are now complaining lower and middle class Minnesotans can't share in the recovery...clueless much?:
Republicans, who assume control of the state House of Representatives in January, seized on some of the warnings to note that not all Minnesotans have shared in the economic rebound. “We know that Minnesota families really haven’t seen the sort of economic benefit or surplus in their own family budgets, and this is something that’s really concerning,” said Rep. Kurt Daudt, R-Crown, who takes over as House speaker in January.
Ouch, this hurts supply-siders who see any revenue as "over-collected" taxes, instead of money to fix roads and improve education. Gov. Dayton's economy is "sputtering," which it isn't: 
Rep. Steve Drazkowski, R-Mazeppa, said that the surplus represented money the state “over-collected” and should be returned to taxpayers. “Our economy is still sputtering,” he said, Gov. Mark Dayton said the accompanying warning signs also mean “we have to be prudent, for sure.”
Speaking of returning money to the taxpayers: Give it back in the form of low income credits and improved infrastructure:
Dayton said he likely will seek an expanded tax credit of $175 million that would help as many as 170,000 Minnesota families cover the cost of child care. Other priorities include boosting broadband Internet access in rural Minnesota, securing state funding for early childhood education scholarships, and devoting more resources to maintaining and improving the state’s roads and bridges. 
WTF Moment. While every GOP governor celebrates their various state "comebacks," like Walker's projected deficits and lousy jobs numbers, Democrats aren't allowed that luxury...
Senate Minority Leader David Hann, R-Eden Prairie, chastised Dayton and Schowalter for what he called an unwarranted “celebration” of the surplus.  
Here are the glorious details of Democratic governance. Remember, none of this came from breaking up the unions; dividing and conquering labor and voters alike:
Unemployment rate down to its lowest level in eight years, 3.9 percent (WI is 4.6)

Long-term unemployed has been cut by more than half since its peak in mid-2010 and has dropped across age, gender and racial lines. 

The budget forecast showed a $373 million surplus for this fiscal year, which ends in June. That is after $183 million is diverted under state law to the budget reserve that has now grown to $994 million.  

Projections of tax revenues were reduced by $412 million, or 1 percent ... offset by projections of lower spending on health care.

Budget officials said that a different composition of enrollees receiving medical assistance in 2015 will result in more than $440 million in savings on health and human services.

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