Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Conservative Wisconsin State Journal Resorts to Race Baiting!!

What was the Wisconsin State Journal's editors thinking when they included this outlandishly inappropriate cartoon in its widely circulated Sunday paper?

Excuse me for noticing a couple of things.

According to Phil Hands political cartoon, Sen. Russ Feingold's criticism of his opponents failed conservative economic policy proposals, is the heinous campaign tactic of the unreasonable fictional killer "Hyde." Don't liberals know a healthy debate and fact based discussion over the draconian policies that crashed the global economy is nothing but Republican bashing and partisan sniping?

The other issue is more unsettling. As a former artist myself, the choice of colors in the cartoon seems more intentional, and racist. Skip the pathetic explanation that the cartoon didn't translate well to print media. The red background could have been the color of Feingold's "Hyde" side face. But it wasn't. It's pure race baiting.

The evil Hyde is a black guy, like President Obama. Coincidence? It always is.

According to the editorial board at the Wisconsin State Journal, Feingold is a monster to criticize his conservative opponents job killing, tax shifting, business friendly proposals. Who knew Hyde was an angry, uppity black guy. Point made.

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