Friday, October 15, 2010

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is a Secret No More.

It's about time we woke up to what has been a completed takeover our our country by big money. It's taken over 40 years of constant repetition to convince Americans that private business will provide to us what government can only screw up. Now with the help of "small" we the people government conservatives, the void they want to leave to the private sector, health and energy, can be filled by our wealthy abusers. And no, I'm not against business.

The new business model, which never gets talked about in the media, is permanent downsizing, fewer workers, and higher corporate profits. When sales pick-up, labor at half the price will fill temporary jobs. Simple! Harley Davidson and others have taken this path, with renegotiated union contracts that require temporary cheaper labor and half pay newbies.

From share holder backlash, to Feingold grilling his opponant, to Faiz Shakir from Think Progress, Keith Olbermann has 'em all.

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