Saturday, October 30, 2010

Murkowski on Losing Social Security Money in Private Account: "You have made that choice, not the government."

In this Rache Maddow interview, Sen. Lisa Murkowski bandies about all the reasons why we really shouldn't privatize Social Security, yet strangely, doesn't find any of those issues troubling.
Maddow: "No matter how savvy you are, if you opted for it, and you had your money in there before the crash, then no matter how savvy you are as a person ...the safety nets gone."

Murkowsi: "It is, but you have made that choice, not...not your government telling you, well...sorry your on your own. I think that's the difference."

"Ooh, that's the difference of being a safety net and not..."

So it's better to have lost your safety net in old age if you do it yourself, than if the government does it, which is not even a remote possibility. Republicans actually believe Social Security won't be there, that it will really go bankrupt. Amazing. It's not just a rhetorical scare tactic after all.

Hey fact check organizations, still think there's no proof Republicans will privatize Social Security?

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