Friday, October 8, 2010

Lost Government Jobs Negates Private Sector Increases!! So will Republicans Still Blame Obama for Jobless numbers?

Government doesn’t create jobs…not even the ones in government? The NY Times headline: Cuts in Government Led U.S. Economy to Lose 95,000 Jobs

Will we see Republicans claim high unemployment is good, and doesn’t tell the whole story, if it means fewer government workers? You can almost bet on it.

The head hurting idea that government employment shouldn’t really count, and that it’s the private sector jobs that matter, ignores the paychecks and spending by those employees/families that add to the local economies. They’re working for god’s sake.

The economy shed 95,000 nonfarm jobs in September with most of the decline the result of the layoffs by local governments and of temporary decennial Census workers. Private payrolls have been growing throughout 2009 but at a rate too sluggish to make much of a dent in unemployment.

While total government jobs fell by 159,000, private sector companies added 64,000 jobs last month. Of the loss in government jobs, 77,000 were temporary Census employees while 76,000 were in local governments. State governments lost 7,000 jobs, as well.

Those jobs were lost in our local schools. Republicans are happy to shed jobs in education, because that hurts the unions, and disables public education.
Most of the state and local jobs lost were in education, which trimmed positions as the school year began. Including private school positions, altogether 72,700 education jobs were eliminated in September.
So will the GOP’s trickle down, give-a-ways to businesses spur growth? Not if you ask business.
“Employers continue to rank sales as their most pressing problem, which points the way forward for Congress and the administration: Focus on policies that directly boost demand to get employers hiring again and pull our economy out of first gear,” said Heather Boushey, a senior economist at the Center for American Progress.

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  1. The central as well as the state Government jobs openings have a number of benefits that make them a better option than that of a private working company.

  2. State and central both government jobs are more convenient than private jobs